2022 Schedule


Date Time Description
April 24th 10am Shotgun Heaven & Hell 4-Person Best Shot Open
May 1st 12pm Shotgun Par 3 Two-Person Best Shot Open
May 4th 8am - 11am
(every Wednesday morning)
Women's Day Starts
May 5th All Day Men's Day - League Kick-off
May 15th 12pm Shotgun Busch Light 4-Person Best Shot Open
May 28th-30th Leisure Mick Myers Memorial Weekend 4-Person Best Shot Open
June 14th 9am Shotgun Senior Age 50+ Two-Person Best Shot Open
June 17th Tee Times Required NASCAR Camping World Truck Series
June 18th 8am Tee Times Sole Survivor Qualifier - Members Only; Course closed
June 19th 8am Tee Times Sole Survivor Qualifier - Rain Date
June 24th TBD Knoxville Hospital Tournament - Save the Date
June 28th 9am Shotgun Junior Open Sponsored by Financial Decisions Group (FDG)
July 4th 10am Seniors
11am Doubles
 1pm Open
Pine Knolls Sole Survivor Sponsored by DeYarman's Automotive Group
July 15th-21st Marion County Fair
July 20th 9am Shotgun Ladies Invitational Two-Person Best Shot Open
July 23th-24th 23rd - 8am Tee Times
24th - 8am Tee Times (Flighted)
Seniors/Mens/Womens Club Championship Weekend
July 31st 27-Holes Prior to 11am
18-Holes 8am Tee Times
Pine Knolls Amateur Open
August 4th-13th Tee Times Required Knoxville 360s / Sprint Car Nationals - Open Golf
August 14th 10am Shotgun Couples Modified Alternate Shot Open
August 20th 8am & 1pm Shotguns Panther Booster Club Tournament - Save the Date

August 21st

Leisure Parent/Child Alternate Shot Open
September 5th 9am Shotgun Par 3 Two-Person Best Shot Open
September 13th 9am Shotgun Senior Age 50+ Two-Person Best Shot Open
September 15th-17th Tee Times Required Lucas Oil Late Model Nationals
September 23rd 4pm Shotgun Couples Glo Ball Extravaganza (9 holes > Happy Hour > Glo Ball @ Dusk)
September 25th 10am Shotgun Charlie Smith's Chili Bowl Two-Person Best Shot Open
October 8th-9th 10am Shotgun Battle of the Villes Two-Day Two-Person Best Shot Open
Saturday @ Knoxville; Sunday @ Pleasantville
October 16th 10am Shotgun Glover's 2-Cup Four-Person Best Shot Open